Pandit ji for Namkaran Sanskar

Pandit ji for Namkaran Sanskar

Pandit ji for Namkaran Sanskar

Namkaran Sanskar is the naming ceremony carries out for every Hind child. It is a spiritual perform of initiating a child into a religion Namkaran Puja is a ritual of providing Samskaaras to the child, which is believed to be of utmost significance in shaping the spirit and upbringing of a child. Namakaran Pooja should be done by a experienced and Qualified Pandit. Pandit ji for Namkaran Sanskar, we have booking and consultation available 24*7.

Pandit ji for Namkaran

As per the Vedic karm, Namkaran Sanskar ritual is performed within the presence of Father or grandfather or Uncle. The formal procedure starts after the bath of a baby wearing new clothes. Then the ‘Havan’ and ‘Puja’ starts with a prayer that baby must to accept all the blessings from Lord which consist of his/her Longevity, health and happiness. Pandit ji will pray for the kid and describe his/her Horoscope. Finally, the name is slowly whispered in baby’s ear by Father and Mother.

During this ritual, the significance and education is given to parent and other family members that the child should be given the environment where his/her inherent individuality can be awakened and unwanted traces of previous birth can be uprooted. The child should be named in a way that is meaningful and replicate a noble quality. Throughout the Name ceremony parents are encouraged that child is also for society & should be positive to be friendly with other family members, neighbor and whole world.

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